”After trying several yoga studios in the area, this one has always been my favorite. The classes are on the smaller side, the atmosphere is friendly, soothing, and intimate. I can honestly say that regularly attending classes at White Flower has been one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. If you are looking a place for a physical and mental workout/cleansing this is the place.”
RH- Va


“I love the peace I feel stepping into Karen Loving’s  yoga room, it makes me smile” K. Mosebrook—Culpeper, VA


“One of my all time favorite yoga studios. Liz has opened many doors for me in my practice and I look forward to many more years of her deep insights and wisdom.”
GHW- Gainesville, Va

“White Flower Yoga is the absolutely perfect small and intimate studio for Yogi’s and Yogini’s alike. The classes are intimate and because they are small, I receive more individualized assistance than in some studios where the classes have been larger. Additionally, White Flower’s Yoga instructors are all experts in their particular “flavor” of practice. Liz Wickhart is superb at Yin and restorative style; Kelly is a most enthusiastic Kundalini where we always have fun with crazy new poses; and Laura is extremely well versed in Vinyasa and muscle structure / usage. I have been a Yoga practitioner for many years – and White Flower studio and White Flower instructors are the best. No matter whose class I attend, I always learn something.”
LJS – Delaplane, Va

“Okay…here is a review for most of us out there that are thinking about or wishing we could find a welcoming place that could help us learn yoga or receive a massage or teach us the art of meditation. Someplace that helps us to find the best version of us…whatever it is? I was very lucky a few weeks back to have found White Flower through a web search. I was very intimidated at the idea of walking in to a class of Yoga experts and feeling like I slowed it down.Very wrong on my part and thank god I took a chance! Evening class with Liz was the perfect introduction…we had jr. level me (age 52), a young pregnant lady, two awesome grandma ladies and 1 awesome and very chill guy in his mid-40′s. Excellent mixed up group and Liz went out of her way to welcome me and her method is so relaxed and low-key. I’ve just now taken the integral yoga class with Nicole which was fantastic too…she works you at your best level. Mine is VERY basic. And again, a nice group of people in class so I will be taking both of their sessions again next week. I am hoping to get in for a couple of the workshops soon. The bottom line to all of you “regular” workaday types like me…yes, there is a place that is warm, welcoming, soothing and where the people seem to genuinely care about your experience. Forget the health club wanna-be courses. White Flower is truly a haven for the spirit and soul ”

“After working in the area for many years as a private provider of mental health services, Carol Lucking is one of only two counselors I would refer people to. Her work is exceptional”.

“I worked with Carol as a counselor through a difficult time in my life. She was very compassionate, helping me to connect to resources for additional support while generating a very positive feeling that motivated me to change. Using gentle mind/body imagery and easy to understand approaches, the positive changes we worked on developing together deeply impacted me to create healthy habits for a lifetime”