Below this weekly “at a glance” class schedule are in-depth descriptions. Scroll down to read more about the classes.


5:30p Embodi Flow (8-week session) with Liz Wickhart No Classes Currently  New Dates TBD

Drop ins welcome

**PREREQUISITE: You must have familiarity with yoga fundamentals or good fitness and coordination level. This is an Intermediate level class


7:00p Yin/Embodied Mindfulness (8-week session) with Liz Wickhart No Classes Currently New Dates TBD

 Drop ins welcome



6:00 -7:15p  Gentle Therapeutic Yoga Class  With Christy Rous
July 18- August 22 (6 weeks),

See Listing below for sign up info


5:30- 6:30 Chair yoga (Ongoing) With Toni Sheads – No class July 16, August 16, August 23


9:30a Saturday Vinyasa with Nicole Stell April 22 – June 24



7:00p Tai Chuan with Robb Wagg **see dates below**


Payment Options

  • Each teacher arranges their own payments and fees. The “Buy Online” and “Register Online” links will take you to the individual teacher’s online store. If the teacher has no online store you must contact them directly through the “Contact” button
  • Drop ins are welcome but please contact the teacher before hand to assure there is room by clicking the contact button in their description


c27b1fa6-2934-4894-baf8-55f70039eb12Embodi Flow Yoga

with Liz Wickhart

Mondays 5:30p  two 8 week sessions

PREREQUISITE: You must have familiarity with yoga fundamentals or good fitness and coordination level. This is an Intermediate level class

New Dates TBD

Embodi Flow Yoga: Breath-centered slow deliberate movement that invites you to embody the dance between power and ease, moving and stillness, rooting and rising. You will be invited to truly inhabit your body and find precise alignment from your internal experience of bones, muscles, vital organs and the steady thread of the breath. Start where you are and open to the possibilities. You will be encouraged to go at your own pace.

437e5e5f-6067-453f-99f7-e58bc860a995Yin/Embodied Mindfulness

with Liz Wickhart

Mondays –  two 8 week sessions

New Dates TBD

Dive into the richness of yourself and emerge refreshed.

This meditative class draws from the wisdom of several yoga traditions, traditional Chinese medicine, and somatic movement therapies. Together, we will explore a combination of long held poses, relaxation breathing techniques, guided visualization, and mindful movement. Liz offers a variety of modifications as well as individualized attention.

For those new to yoga or those working with chronic or temporary health issues, this class can provide useful tools and an excellent environment for healing and enhancement of your yoga experience.

Classes taught by Liz require a minimum of 4 people signed up for all 10 classes by September 14th. Liz will honor classes from the old White Flower payment system. She will also allow couples to share a 10 class pass!

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Gentle Therapeutic Yoga Class

With Christy Smith Rous

6 week session 6:00 – 7:15 pm
July 18 – Aug 22

 It was almost four years ago I tried my first yoga class. I came to the mat with some physical limitations like a disc problem which felt like a knife in my back every time I attempted even the smallest back bend. In addition I also had a hip issue due to scoliosis and an issue with balance that can often come with aging.
    My first class was with an instructor who had some background in viniyoga. With that experience, I felt like I had come home. What started as one class a week soon became six or more a week for the next three years. My life has changed! I no longer have the disk issue or the balance issue and the hip is so much better on most days.
    As the next progression in my yoga journey I am enrolled in a teacher training in this tradition. Since part of my practice now is teaching I am offering a 4 week session in which each class will build upon the previous. Please come join me for an introduction to this gentle therapeutic tradition. I feel a yoga teacher’s job is to teach their students how to have a safe and effective home practice.
The class will be Tuesday evening at 6:00 during the month of March.   3-7, 3-14, 3-21, 3-28
The cost of the series is $40.00
Contact me to sign up.






Chair Yoga

with Toni Sheads

Wednesdays (ongoing) No classes 7/26, 8/18, 8/23


Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced using a chair for support. Chair Yoga is for everyone, including beginners. In addition to improved flexibility and strength, Chair Yoga participants can also enjoy other health benefits, including improved muscle tone, better breathing habits, reduction of stressbetter sleep, and a sense of well-being. No matter what age you are or what condition you are in, you can experience the health benefits of yoga.

Toni Sheads has been practicing yoga for 7 years.  She is a student of the Yoga Teacher Training program at the Surya Chandra Healing School in Orange, Virginia. After teaching middle school in the public school system for 34 years, Toni retired and switched careers.  She currently teaches yoga for beginners.

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024a7616-c50e-4502-bcba-031e08a4e060Ayurveda Vinyasa

with Nicole Stell

10 week session 9:30 – 11:00a April 22 – June 24

Ayurveda vinyasa focuses on seasonally appropriate practices that incorporates the principles of Ayurveda and vinyasa flow.  Enjoy breathwork, movement, and meditation for a complete traditional yoga practice.

Join Nicole for her winter yoga session which will focus on warming the body through breathing techniques, building strength through yoga postures and calming the mind with meditation geared towards goal achievements and fortification.

These 90 minute classes will be suitable for all  levels and will progress in complexity and build upon one another throughout the session.

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c7fbd3df-18f0-4175-a5a6-1f412a7302baTai Chi Chuan Yang Family Style 16 Movement Form

with Robb Wagg  in Three Winter Sessions

March 5, 19, 26 – April 2**, 9, 16, 23

May 7, 14*, 21; – June 4, 11, 18, (25)

Watch Grandmaster Yang Jun perform the Yang Family 16 Posture Form!

Download full curriculum


$15 per class paid to Gentle Wind. Send an email to Robb by clicking the contact button above

Syllabus for 20 Classes Study of Form

Notes – Every class will consist of – Discussion of energies and essentials; Review previous week’s lesson; Review all movements learned to date. And teach one new movement – & NEW Students are encouraged to join any time – please be aware that the entire form is taught in 20 classes.

Five Class Session – Session One – January & February

1. January 8 – Shoulder Width Standing, Forward Stance, Back Stance, Standing Posture, Essentials of Tai Chi, and

begin study of the Form Movements – Preparation, and Beginning (1);

2. January 15- Practice Tai Chi Walking; Study essential energies Ward-Off and Pluck with Movements – Cloud

Hands (2) – Cloud Hands is sideways stepping with using Ward Off and Pluck Energies;

3. January 22 – Add new movement Single Whip (3) – Single Whip is a classic posture of Tai Chi Chuan forward

upright posture defending in two opposite directions;

4. February 5 – New Movement – Fist Under Elbow (4) which is a Back Stance using Ward Off and Pluck Energies

5. February 19 – Review First Four Classes and Practice

Five Class Session – Session Two – February & March

6. February 26 – Introduce another essential energy Split and new movement White Crane Spreads its Wings

(Posture # 5) – Back Stance Using Split Energy

7. March 5 – Review Tai Chi Walking; discuss another essential energy Push and add new movement Left Brush

Knee and Push (6) – which is a forward stance using Push Energy;

8. March 19 – Add new Movement Hand Strums the Lute (7) a Back Stance using Split energy

9. March 26 – Add new Movement Step Back to Repulse Monkey (8) – backwards stepping posture into a Back

Stance using Pluck and Split energies

10. April 2 – Review of entire form through the first 8 postures, especially 5.6.7 & 8. (Halfway done!)

Five Class Session – Session Three – April & May

11. April 9- Add new Movement – Left Strike Tiger (9) a forward stance with both arms punching and change of


12. April 23 – Add new Movement – Parting the Ward Horse’s Mane (10) – a forward stance using Ward Off and

Split energies;

13. April 30 – Add new movement Step Forward and Punch Opponent’s Groin (11) forward stance using punch

14. May 7 – New Movement – Turn Body and White Snake Spits out Tongue (12) – turning the body 180 degrees

into front stance using combination of all energies;

15. May 14 – Practice and Review all 12 postures, especially 9, 10, 11, & 12.

Five Class Session – Session Four – May & June

16. May 21 – New Movement – Step Forward, Parry, Block and Punch (13) stepping forward into forward stance

with blocking and punch, again using a combination of all energies;

17. June 4 – Add new movement Step Forward and Grasp Birds Tail (14) which is a combination of five postures –

Ward Off Left, Ward Off Right, Roll Back, Press and Push which is the quintessential Yang posture..

18. June 11 -Continue Study of Grasp Bird’s Tail

19. June 18 – Add new Movement – Cross Hands (15) stepping into side stance with a chop, and then using double

ward off energy into standing posture PLUS new moves Closing Form (16) and Return to Normal also called

Restore Form.

20. June 25 – Review entire 16 Posture Form!