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A calm sweet spot to practice yoga and the art of being well in Old Town Warrenton, VA.

Our mission Is to help you feel more present and alive.

Through the technologies of yoga, self care, and other wellness modalities, it is possible to improve your quality of life. This improvement radiates out to into your relationships, community, and the world.

Yoga Helps with Self Respect

Yoga Helps with Self Respect

By Nicole Stell You’ve probably heard about how fantastic Yoga is for the body.  There are well-known and scientifically proven physiological and psychological benefits to a regular Yoga practice.  Benefits such as; increased flexibility, strength, concentration and memory.  You’ve probably also heard that introducing yoga as part of your daily routine is said to reduceContinue Reading

What is Qigong?

What is Qigong?

        By Marisol Mayell When I introduce Qigong to a new audience I like to say that Qigong practice is like our bridge back to Nature; perhaps more than ever we need to reconnect with the powerful healing force of Nature and the Universe. Of course this energy, or Qi, is alwaysContinue Reading

Svaroopa® Yoga; Support Equals Release

 Svaroopa® Yoga; Support Equals Release by Shannon Scott, RYT       Svaroopa® Yoga is a gentle yet powerful restorative yoga that—through softening into prolonged poses—cultivates spinal decompression, or “Core Opening”. This means that with specific alignment and use of props to support the poses, and hands-on alignments by the teacher, the student can release tension at aContinue Reading

Chakra Flow & Restore – 9 Weeks $108

Chakra Flow & Restore – 9 Weeks $108

Click here to sign up A Note from Laura Baxter: Are you looking for a sense of balance? Would you like to be more aware and focused in your yoga practice? Would you like to find a breakthrough on your mat that you could take off the mat and into your life? If you answeredContinue Reading

Life brings change to us at every moment

Life brings change to us at every moment, even if only a little.  Some moments, of course, bring us a lot of change.  A year ago on June 1, I had major back surgery…not sure if there is such a thing as minor back surgery, but even within the realm of back surgery, this wasContinue Reading

Honey in the Heart ~ the stories of two yogi beekeepers

White Flower asked Jay Everett and Karla Eisen, two yogi beekeepers, what yoga and bees had in common.  We were curious if there were any overlaps between their passion for bees and farming and their yoga practices.  Here’s what they had to say: JAY EVERETT I contracted Lyme disease in Oct of 1997 and wasContinue Reading

Yogini’s Book Corner ~ April

The Yogini’s Book Corner This is a new corner especially for YOGIs and YOGINIs who want to learn a little more about all aspects of Yoga, Meditation, and related traditions.  Books, DVDs and CDs, something different will be featured each time.  We hope you enjoy it! The Yogini’s Book Corner is written by Linda SuterContinue Reading

Easy Being Green

With March being the month where we start to think about spring cleaning we thought we would share with you the recipe for our mat cleaner.  We use organic non-chemical mat cleaners in an attempt to practice Ahimsa (non harming in Sanskrit)…. and after all, March is a very GREEN month.   Here’s our yogaContinue Reading

What’s in Your Heart?

What is in your heart? I would imagine most people if asked this question would feel pressure to say they discover love or goodness when they look in their heart; while at the same time there might be true concern that they would find something less attractive. But what if we just get to askContinue Reading